User’s guide

Configuration parameters

  • Title: The title of the widget
  • Width and Height: The dimensions of the widget in pixels
  • Color: There are 4 theme colors to choose: bluegrayred and green
  • Channel: The channel name of your widget. If this field is blank, the URL where the widget is installed is taken as unique identificator. If this default configuration does not work, enter a channel name. If the name starts with ‘#’, the channel will be public and visible in channel list from all wEb mEssAgEs widgets.
    Important: If your private channel name match with the channel name of other installation, both share the same messages, so use a complex private channel name to avoid it.
  • Timezone: The number of hours to add or subtract to Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT) to adjust the time on your widget.
  • Show active users: The interval to count the users that are leaving messages (not visiting the site). If 1 minute is configured, there will be considered active all users whose last message have less than 1 minute of antiquity.
  • Hide Channels: Check to hide the channel link that allows to access to public channel list.
  • Disable Links: Check to avoid URLs and email address entered by users can be clickable.
  • Hide Close Button: Check to hide the close widget button.
  • Recent messages on top: Display more recent messages at the beginning.

Messages interface

  • Close button (): Removes the widget from the site, but iframe space will be keep.
  • Refresh button (): Updates the messages (only new messages will be received).
  • Auto-refresh menu: Allows to set a time for auto-updating the messages (every 10, 20, 30 or 60 seconds).
  • Messages area: The text of visitor’s messages. The first line shows the time when the message was published.
  • Name field: The nick name of the user that will appear with the message.
  • Message field: The message to send to the widget box.
  • Send button: Press it to send the entered message. You can also hit <Enter> to send it.
  • Smilies button (): Shows the smilies window where you can choose one of the 12 available smilies.
  • Active users (): Shows the users that are leaving messages on the widget.
  • Channel link (): Allows to show the public channel list where you can choose another channel or return to the default channel (<DEFAULT_CHANNEL> link).

Channel list interface

  • Number of public channel: Shows the number o created public channels. Channels starting with ‘#!’ are fixed channels and appear at the beginning.
  • Create button: Allows to create a new channel or join to an existent channel. By default the channel is public (without ‘#’), you must start with @ to create/join a private channel (not listed in public channel list).
  • Channel list active users: (Between parenthesis) shows the active users in each channel. Channels with some active users will be shown at first.
  • Channel list external link (): Links to the site with the maximum number of messages published in the channel.
  • Channel list selection link (): Selects the channel and goes to messages window updating the messages for chosen channel.