Web Messages

What is Web Messages?

It is a widget easy to install on a website where you can leave messages associated with the website. The idea is to get feedback from visitors and allow visitors exchange opinions about the site or things related with the site. It is commonly used as a shoutbox or guestbook. wEb mEssAgEs uses AJAX technology to offer a cool fast user interface.

Is it possible to chat with Web Messages?

The widget was not design to be a chat, but you can use the automatic refresh option (up right ’00’ button) to reload messages automatically. You can also hit <Enter> with blank message to refresh.

Is it possible to delete messages?

No, the idea of the widget is avoid any kind of registration, so it is not possible to identify an administrator. Anyway only the last 50 messages are stored and older are automatically deleted.

How much time are messages stored in database?

There is not fixed time, it depends on the traffic, but the minimum time the messages are kept is 3 months.

What is a channel in Web Messages?

A channel is a way to group messages of an specific topic. By default, the widget uses the url of your website as exclusive identificator (when the channel is not set). But in many cases it is better to create a channel to avoid conflicts. There are private and public channels. If the name of your channel starts with ‘#’, the channel will be public. It means that the channel will appear in public channel list and people will be able to leave messages on your widget from other widgets installed on other websites.

I have installed the widget and I get the message ‘refer page not valid’

The referred URL is not always available. You must set a unique channel name to use the widget in this case.

No registration needed! Just enjoy it!