Gear Fit2 / Fit2 Pro watch faces

Modern and practical watchfaces designs available in the Samsung Gear market for Samsung Gear Fit2 Tizen-based fitness smart-band. You can tap the different elements on the screen as a shortcut to the corresponding applications.

Fit Halloween collection

Available Fit Halloween watchfaces:

  • Fit Halloween House (12h/24h)
  • Fit Halloween Pumpkin (12h/24h)
  • Fit Halloween Cat (12h/24h)

Fit Runner

Complete your daily steps to beat your oponent, the red runner. The watchface shows realistic animated runners that move from left to right as their progress advances. Also, there are different day and night scenarios. You can tap the runners background to hide it and save battery. You can also display a calendar by tapping the top left corner, open weather info by tapping the sun/moon icon, open the scheduler by tapping the time, show steps info by tapping bottom left and open settings by tapping the bottom right (battery icon).

Available Fit Runner watchfaces:

  • Fit Runner (12h)
  • Fit Runner (24h)







Available FitSlash watchfaces:

  • FitSlash 12h
  • FitSlash 24h


Fitness & Battery


es-darsoft-watchface-digital_fitness_screenshot1   es-darsoft-watchface-digital_fitness_screenshot2

Available Fitness & Battery watchfaces:

  • Fitness & Battery (24h km)
  • Fitness & Battery (12h miles)
  • Fitness & Battery Pro (24h km)
  • Fitness & Battery Pro (24h miles)
  • Fitness & Battery Pro (12h km)
  • Fitness & Battery Pro (12h miles)
  • Fitness & Battery BW (24h km)
  • Fintess & Battery BW (12h km)